Shark Tank Event

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Shark Tank Event

Dear all,

On (06/04/24) discourse on campus centred around the exhilarating Shark Tank Event, where aspiring entrepreneurs brought their visions to life.

Drawing inspiration from the brilliant television show, the event showcased a dynamic cohort of students who presented their innovative business concepts to a panel of seasoned Sharks.

The atmosphere was electric with anticipation as each team armed with their meticulously crafted presentations and unwavering dedication, took the spotlight. The array of ideas spanned from cutting-edge technological solutions to imaginative service offerings.

Each team delivered a succinct and compelling pitch, underscoring the market potential and viability of their products.

The Sharks exhibited no restraint, engaging the participants with insightful inquiries and rigorous challenges. Beyond being a mere competition, the event served as a platform for celebrating innovation and empowering budding entrepreneurs to showcase their prowess.

While only one team emerged as the ultimate Shark Tank Champion and other one a runner up, all the participants departed with invaluable feedback and insights to propel them along their entrepreneurial journeys.

The Shark Tank event served as a launchpad for these future business trailblazers, equipping them with the requisite skills and confidence to transform their visions into tangible realities. The buzz around campus was resoundingly clear: these young sharks are poised for success.

Prof. Charmi did a wonderful and commendable job of preparing the students for mock Shark Tank. we all were thrilled to see our BBA students as an entrepreneur mind.

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