Diploma in Early Child Care Education

Admissions are open for 2024 Batch for MBA, BBA, BCA, BPT, BCOM, LAW, and MCA.

scope of the program (opportunities)

IBSAR Post Graduate Diploma in pre & Primary Teachers Training is a Comprehensive course designed to create teachers with better approach in teaching kids. The course not only equips the professional teachers with modern and innovative techniques but also provides a strong foothold in their career. It enables trainees to teach from Nursery, Montessori, Kindergarten age group till class five between the age group of two and twelve year of age in any formal school system.

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Duration of Primary Teacher Training Course: 1 year
Eligibility for Primary Teacher Training Course Trainee: The minimum educational qualification for selection of trainees for this course is Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline.

The Focus of The Diploma
  • Post graduate Diploma in pre and Primary Teachers Training is a comprehensive course designed to create teachers with better understanding and knowledge.
  • The course equips the professional teachers with modern and innovative techniques in education and includes integrating technology and the learning processes,
  • This course gives a training in the theoretical as well as the practical aspects of enhancement of the learning processes.
Course Curriculum is deigned for:
  • Aspiring teachers who want to begin their career as an early childhood facilitator
  • Active teachers looking for an up-gradation as well as a review of the teaching methods and tactics.
  • Young mothers who want to be effective educators at home for their children.
  • Homemaker who are looking at taking up a job that helps in keeping the work home balance
  • Career Changers who find the busy corporate life too hectic and want to change to a meaningfully enriching career of a young learner’s facilitator
  • Entrepreneur who are interested in opening pre-school and looking at leadership options as school heads.

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Primary Teacher Training Course Structure

week – 1

  • Principles and Approaches of Early Childhood Education

week – 2

  • characteristics of Young Learners

week – 3

  • Lesson planning and instructional Strategies

week – 4

  • Classroom Management

week – 5

  • Educational Psychology

week – 6

  • Resources Management

week – 7

  • Evaluation

week – 8

  • language Learning and Language Acquisition

week – 9

  • What is Grammar?

week – 10

  • Word Classes

week – 11

  • Auxiliary Verbs and Modal Verbs

week – 12

  • Contextualization of Grammar

week – 13

  • What is Phonology?

week – 14

  • Organs of Speech

week – 15

  • Phonetic Transcription, Stress and Intonation

week – 16

  • Week and Strong Forms

week – 17

  • Lesson Plan (Art and Craft)

week – 18

  • Lesson Plan (EVS)

week – 19

  • Lesson Plan (language)

week – 20

  • Lesson Plan (Numbers)

week – 21

  • Teaching Writing

week – 22

  • Project Method

week – 23

  • Curriculum from Pre-School Administration

week – 24

  • Connecting with Technology

week – 25

  • Presentation Situates in Class

week – 26

  • Surfing the Internet

week – 27

  • Keyboarding and Word Processing -Integrated

week – 28

  • Preparation of the Seminars

week – 29

  • Seminars delivery

week – 30

  • Visit to Navodaya Vidhyalaya Central Schools

week – 31

  • Delhi Municipal School

week – 32

  • Submission of Report of Visits

week – 33

  • Visit to Sainik School and Report

week – 34

  • Preparation for Internship

week – 35 – 40

  • Internship

week 41 – 47

  • Vacation

week – 48 – 49

  • Preparation for exams

week – 50

  • Exam and Viva

week – 51 – 52

  • Placement Interview

week 53

  • Send off

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