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Topic Dates
Data Science with Python Seminar 29,Aug-19 to 30,Aug-19
Igniting Young Minds Initiative - helping flood victims of Kohlapur and Sangli 18,Aug-19 to 20,Aug-19
Meditation Painting workshop conducted by Ms Aanchal Singh 14,Aug-19 to 15,Aug-19
C.V writing seminar by Mr. Harisimran Singh 08,Aug-19 to 08,Aug-19
Design Thinking workshop 30,Jul-19 to 30,Jul-19
Corporate Social Responsibility Seminar 15,Jul-19 to 17,Jul-19
Union Budget 2019 seminar 05,Jul-19 to 05,Jul-19
Meditation 27,Jul-18 to 27,Jul-18