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Diploma in Montessori Teachers Training


Montessori teacher in future and go beyond the traditional teaching methods, then do opt for Diploma in Montessori Teachers Training program offered by Asian College of Teachers. Montessori Teaching is all about creating a nurturing environment for the children who provides them with a sense of individuality and freedom.

Montessori Method of teaching harps on the idea of self-directed development and as a Montessori teacher you have to guide the children in their different stages of development. Thus, the Montessori teachers are required to possess sharp observation power so that they can give individual attention to kids letting them to indulge in varied playful activities in a prepared environment.

The Montessori Diploma course is a comprehensive program that will endow you with diverse Montessori teaching strategies, methods and ideologies that will help you become a competent Montessori educator.

Duration of Montessori Course: One Year
Eligibility for Montessori Course Trainee: The minimum educational qualification for the candidate is 12th Standard.
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Montessori Course Structure

Paper 1A
  • Principles of Education
  • Paper 1B
  • Montessori and Pre-Primary Education
  • Paper 2A
  • Principles of Education
  • Paper 2B
  • Health and Hygiene
  • Paper 3A
  • Practical exercise
  • Paper 3B
  • Multi sessional activities & the role of play
  • Paper 4A
  • Language Development
  • Paper 4B
  • Arithmetic
  • Paper 5A
  • Concept of Continuos and Comprehensive Evaluation
  • Paper 5B
  • Child and Environment
  • Paper 6A
  • Project work on Language & Arithmetic
  • Paper 6B
  • Social & Cultural Activities
  • Stimulator Teacher