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Diploma in Medical Lab Technology


The DMLT course aims at improving the quality of the healthcare system by training students in how to identify, inspect and test cells, tissues, and body fluids, and aid in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases through the use of various procedures and laboratory equipment.

This course is designed to impart in-depth knowledge and technical skills of biochemistry, pathology, microbiology, and hematology, train the learners to handle advanced lab equipment, perform accurate medical laboratory tests, and work as Laboratory Technologists/Technicians

The analyses done by Laboratory Technicians equip a physician with the essential information for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning, making the MLT a critical component of a smooth functioning healthcare facility.

Duration of DMLT Course: Two Years (2 Semesters)
Eligibility for DMLT Course Trainee: The minimum educational qualification for selection of trainees for this course is +2 Science with PCB/B.ScGloor life sciences.Total marks of the DMLT Course are 1000.Minimum pass mark of the trainees is 40% in Theory, 50% in Oral & Practical and 50% in Aggregate. Ist Class mark is 60% in Theory Practical & Oral in aggregate respectively.Less than 40% either in Theory or in Practical or in Oral in any paper will be treated as unsuccessful.
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DMLT Course Structure

First Year Second Year
Paper - I
  • Section-A (Anatomy)
  • Section-B (Physiology)
  • Paper - I
  • (Pathology) General Pathology Hematology Blood Banking Histo-technology, Cytology, Museum Study
  • Paper - II
  • Section-A (Community Medicine & Statistics)
  • Section-B(Computer)
  • Section-C(Pharmacology)
  • Paper - II
  • (Microbiology) GEN. Bacteriologist Microbiology Mycology immunology serology Parasitology. Virology
  • Paper - III
  • Bio-Chemistry
  • Water & Fat soluble Vitamin, Plasma protein
  • Enzymes (Classification, factors regulating, inhibitors 2 clinical application
  • Buffers, Molarity, indicators, Radioisotopes, Radiation hazard, RA
  • Overview of Iron, Calcium, lodine, Fluorine
  • Overview of Nucleic Acids & Uric Acid
  • Internship - 45 days in a Lab
  • Paper - III
  • (Biochemistry) Glucose Homeostasis, overview DM, HGAIC.Lipoproteine Hyper Lipoprotein. Liver function test. Renal function test. Thyroid function test. Alimentary function test. Water & Electrolytic Balance