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Event Calendar


Sr.No Stream Events Date Faculty in charge
1 MBA  / BBA/BCA /B.Com I Inaugration Ceremony at CIDCO Convenction Centre for the New Batches 08th August Prof.Raieesa
2 Orientation Program for MBA /BBA /BCA/BCOM 9th-30thAugust Prof.Batra,Prof.Raieesa,Prof.Narang, Prof.Arora ,Prof.Kalyani,Prof .Babli,Prof.Supriya, Prof.Gurpreet,   Prof.Arpita
3 Ice Breaking Session by  for all batches 9th/10th/ 11thAugust Prof..Manju,Sudha maam,Ruchi maam
4 IBSAR Scholastic Test for all batches  9th August  Prof.Batra ,Prof.Arora, Prof.Supriya,  Prof.Anjali
5 One day Trip to Monterio Resort for Personal Growth Lab 12th August  Prof.Manju ,Prof.Raieesa 
6 Assesment Test for Career Guidance for BBA/BCA/BCOM by Clay Pot 23rd August  Prof.Khan ,Sudha maam (Placement Head )
7 Assesment Test for Career Guidance for MBA by Clay Pot 24th August  Prof.Khan ,Sudha maam (Placement Head )
8 Ganpati Celebration  31stAugust -1st September Prof.Manju Prof.Batra,Ruchi ,Akshita, Suddha maam,       Prof.Raieesa Prof.Kalyani,          Prof .Babli
9 MBA 1 day workshop on How to make a Business Plan 5th n 6th September Prof.Batra ,Prof.Narang,  Prof.Raieesa. Prof.Jayanti
10 MBA 1 day workshop on  Resume writing  7th September Prof. Arora, Prof.Jayanti, Prof.Batra ,Prof.Raieesa
11 MBA 1 day workshop on The Rhetorical Triangle :Making comunication credible n engaging 7th September Prof.Jayanti, Prof.Batra, Prof.Raieesa
12 MBA  / BBA/BCA /B.Com I Best Speaker of IBSAR competition for MBA/BBA/BCA.BCOM First year only 20th September Prof.Kalyani,Prof. Arpita ( BCA) Prof.Supriya, Prof.Gurpreet (BBA /Bcom ) Prof.Raiesa (MBA)
13 BBA/BCA  Accenture Career assesment Test for BBA /BCA final year students. 21st September Prof.Khan ,Sudha maam (Placement Head )
14 MBA  / BBA/BCA  Digital Marketing workshop with Google certification for MBA 1st year ,BBA 3rd year n BCA 3rd year. 12th October,13th, 14th October Guest Faculty Shahrukh Khan will conduct this worshop
14  BBA/BCA /B.Com  Essay Writing Competition for BBA, Bcom n BCA 18th October Prof. Babli, Prof. Supriya, Prof. Gurpreet
15 MBA/BBA/ BCA/BCOM Guest Lecture on IT related topic 4thNovember  Prof. Manju, Prof.Arpita, Mrs Sudha maam
16 MBA  / BBA/BCA /B.Com  Debate Competition 10th November   Prof. Manju, Prof. Raieesa/Prof.Jayanti, Prof.Kalyani, Prof.Babli, Prof.Supriya
17 MBA/BBA/ BCA/BCOM Industrial Visit to Kerela  12th-18th November Prof.Manju ,Ms.Ruchi,Prof.Raiesa n Prof.Kalyani
18 MBA  Business Quiz competition  25th November  Prof. Batra, Prof. Manju, Prof. Raieesa/Prof.Jayanti
19 MBA/BBA/ BCA/BCOM Personality Grooming Workshop  2nd December  Prof.Manju, Prof.Jayanti n Sudha maam
20 Euphoria Annual Event of IBSAR 21st December All Faculties along with students
21 Christmas Celebration  25th December Prof.Manju n Ms.Ruchi
22 New Year Celebration  31st December Prof.Manju n Ms.Ruchi