Institute of Business Studies and Research
A long standing tradition of tech fests everywhere. This event always draws a crowd. from the biggest Universities to the smallest colleges, gamers from all over are drawn to this event to show off their skills.
FIFA Tournament
This is a celebration of the greatest sport on earth. Professionals and newbies alike come together to test their skills and have some fun at this one on one tournament against players from all over.
Tech Hunt
Teams compete in this technological treasure hunt and use their brains over their brawn to figure out the clues and race to victory in this exciting battle of wits and minds.
Arcade Gaming
Take a walk down memory lane with the greatest games from yesteryear. Go back to a time when gaming was a social event on Arcade machines surrounded by cheering friends as you race to the high score.
Snakes and Ladders
Test your luck in this classic game of chance. Climb the ladder of success or slide down the serpent of defeat and see if lady luck is at your side. Explode in joy at one of the most fun games ever created.
Robot Rock
Though not strictly a technical college, we still have our hardware geniuses wiring together an actual robot game programmed by our students and that takes commands using the audio signals. This is going to be extreme.