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Academic Calendar 2022

DetailsStart DateFinish Date
Commencement of regular classes6th MAY 2022, - For BBA & MBA 
6th May, - For BCA
SEPT 2022 BBA / MBA  & BCA
PowerPoint Presentation/ Assignment/Project *Every subject wants an assignment at the end of each topic, which will be considered for internal assessment
Events & Fest (Business Forum/IT Forum/Sports/Euphoria)5th August  2022
Preliminary Examination22 Nov 
Preparatory Leave15th Nov to 30 Nov15th  th Nov 2022 (BBA & MBA)
Preliminary Examination25 April-19 (BCA)2nd May-19 (BCA)
Final Exams (University)I – II week of April -19 (BBA & MBA) (Tentative)-----
Final Exams (University)I – II week of May -19 (BCA) (Tentative)-----