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The Pathway to Success starts here, with the right quality of education that we provide you will be able to accomplish your life goal to be successful.

IBSAR Gold Medalists

Ms. Sakshi

Ms. Aditi

Gold Medals aren't really made of gold. They're made of sweat, ditermination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts.

- Dan Gable 

Paid Foregin Internships

We provide foregin internship that will excel your career and will al​so help you to settle down in a country of your dream like USA, UK, Germany, Singapore, etc.

Over the year more than 200 Students have done foregin internships in USA, Dubai, Singapore, etc.
and got over ₹3 to 4 lakhs in just 4 Months

Paid Domestic Internships

Demostic Internship for upto ₹50,000 in 3-months
in companies like ICS, Reliance JIO, HDFC, etc

Facts & Questions

Why should I join IBSAR?

Answer.  IBSAR is an institution created and run by a group of individuals who have been educated and have worked all over the world and know what is what and what the industry needs. IBSAR faculty is having world class credentials and the learning starts from the time of selection process itself. Heavy focus in group learning, experimentation and experiential learning will enable you to enhance your potential at IBSAR.

Will the degree carry distance education stamp?

Answer.  No, it is not mentioned in the degree at all. It is full-time program supported by the University curriculum and world class faculty. We are accredited Institution.

Can I go to abroad for my further studies?

Answer.  Yes, you can go anywhere in the world, can get admission to M.Tech / MS / Ph.D programs.

What about Placements?

Answer.  You get paid internships, part-time jobs, and projects during our programs. Everybody gets guaranteed placement opportunities and there is no dearth of jobs for rightly trained people in Mumbai. Our training itself will push you to get your desired job.
Students are currently working Part time with ICS International & evaluate career solutions. Few of our students have completed short term projects with equations marketing Consultants .GNRC, Reliance Industries Ltd. (Petroleum Business), Tanishq, ICICI Prudential, Karvy Consultants, V-Trans, Reliance Retail, & V2 solutions. Dimensions, M S shipping, QASAR , TOI AND Jassu Bhai Media etc.

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